Farmers face various challenges in the field which adversely affect their crops e.g. erratic rain patterns, unusual and harmful weather conditions, and attacks by pests and insects.


In the agrochemical industry, we provide solutions to Pesticides Formulators that further help farmers in protecting farm yields. Our products indirectly help farmers in preventing loss due to fungus, pests etc.


Specialized surfactants and adjuvants are essential in providing targeted delivery to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


The active chemical is prepared to optimize its delivery to the targeted area and effectiveness. The final product becomes easier to handle, store, and apply when an active ingredient is incorporated into a formulation with surfactants & additives.


Our Surfactants and adjuvants are easy to handle. These are safe for stakeholders i.e. pesticide formulators.


Surfactants essentially provide characteristics in the Final formulation including, emulsification, solubilisation, wetting, dispersion and foaming/Defoaming etc.


Surfactants are used in a wide range of products, including detergents, emulsifiers, foaming agents, and wetting agents. They work by adsorbing at the liquid-air or liquid-liquid interface and altering the interactions between the surface molecules. This results in improved spreading, wetting, and emulsifying properties.


Replacing high-value or high-toxicity active ingredients with lower-value surfactants. Our adjuvants impart greater stability and efficacy in crop care formulations. This leads to better performance and therefore increased yields. It leads to less chemical environmental pressure and improved food safety.

The adjuvants improve pesticide activity. Various types of adjuvants are available with us in liquid- spreaders, defoamers, stabilizers, anti-freeze, and preservatives in powders we have Lignosulfonates and Silica.

Surfactants and Adjuvants are used in the following formulations:-